Saturday, August 13, 2011

Going Home

I am so excited to announce that I am going home to visit!  Although I will be there nearly a week and a half, I will not be seeing a whole lot of people.  I want to actually have some quality time to spend with my Mom this time around.  It seems that everytime I go home, I have a jam-packed schedule, driving all over WI and IL to visit friends and family.  In May of 2010, I put 1,000 miles on my rental car.  I stayed in southern WI and Northern IL.  I love being able to see everyone and that is the whole point of me coming home, but this time I just need to relax with my Mom.  I am very excited for her to be able to spend lots of time with Madison.  I know how much she loves her and is probably missing her so badly. 

I will be going to Milwaukee to see all my girlfriends (because it is a must!).  I will also plan to see my Grandmother and my cousin.  My cousin Kelsey is one of the sweetest, nicest people I know.  When we were young, we used to ride our bikes all the way across town during the summer days, just to meet up so we could hang out for the day.  Now she has two little girls and I have one.  I wish we were closer so we could spend more time together. 

Of course I will be traveling down to IL to see my in-laws too.  They are the best in-laws I could ask for.  I am so lucky and I know it.  I hear many horror stories from friends about their in-laws.  Being at their house is like being at home to me.  I am also hoping to see my aunt, uncle, and cousin and his new wife. 

One of my best girlfriends has recently moved back to the area.  I have not seen her in over a year and she is very special to me.  Some how, some way, I will see that girl!

It seems that as a Military Family, it is very hard to find enough time to see everyone you love and care about.  Moving about the country and the world puts a kink in that.  How do other Military Families deal with this?


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