Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Comparing Jogging Strollers

The Pod by Baby Jogger

This morning I came across a give-away for a new jogging stroller called The Pod.  It is a stroller that is quickly and easily convertible from a regular stroller, to jogger, and to a hitch so that you can bring your little ones with you on your bike rides.  Honestly, I would only use the jogging attachment.

Looking more into this stroller I became more interested.  I was surprised that considering the size, it holds two children.  It also has an adjustable handle bar to accommodate shorter or taller people.  There is a built in mesh lining to protect from bugs and a rain guard that can be purchases separately.  This would be a plus for me as there are some days when I skip my run due to rain. 

BOB Double Jogger

I am so amazed at how small it is and how easily it folds up compared to most double joggers I see.  It seems as though it would fit in most SUVs whereas I am not too sure about others. 

What double jogger do you use and why do you like it?  Does anyone have experience with the Pod?  What can you anticipate not liking about this jogger?

NOTE:  This is not an "I'm expecting" announcement.  Simply just brainstorming for the future.


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