Monday, August 29, 2011

Current Happenings

First off, I am leaving Wednesday to head back home and am very excited to have some time with my Mom.  Although, I looked up the weather and it is going to be HOT.  And it is different than California hot.  Wisconsin is just sticky and nasty.  I think Madison and I will hide indoors on those days. 

The hubby has been extremely busy with the course he is currently in (IULC).  He ended up pulling an all nighter last Thursday night to complete several papers and projects.  He's getting a little taste of the college life if he decides to go that route some day.  Thankfully he only has one month left.  He has been working very hard. 

We attended the 3/5 Family Day at Mariner's Church out in Irvine this past Saturday and it was great!  Of course my husband took off to compete in every sporting competition available as soon as we got there.  This means we missed our chance at a professional family portrait that the Church was providing.  A little bummed about that but it was great to see everyone and it was a great day with great food. 

We had a scary parent moment yesterday.  Our daughter was on the floor surrounded by her toys and my husband and I were playing a game.  She suddenly started crying so I picked her up as I usually do and laid her in my lap.  She started making a choking sound, but it didn't alarm me too much because she seems to choke on her own saliva alot since she produces so much lately.  Something seemed different though and I don't even know what made me look but I reached in her mouth and pulled out the eye to a stuffed animal.  THAT is what she was choking on!  Then she was really crying.  My poor baby.  I am so glad I noticed it.  We really learned our lesson and went through all her toys.  We took away any item that wasn't specifically made for babies, even all the stuffed animals.  We sure learned our lesson!

This is her just before the incident.


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