How Fate Intervenes

Being in the Marine Corps, there are many moves and many different assignments you are given.  Fortunately for me, he was assigned to Recruiting Duty in Janesville, WI. 

I met my husband Matthew in January of 2009. He just so happened to be a member of the same athletic club as I.  To be honest, the reason he struck my eye initially is that, not too often were there people at the gym, of my age range, that early in the morning.  Also, the fact that he and his counterpart wore Marine Corps shirts everyday struck my curiosity.  If there was a base located smack dab in the middle of no where mid-west, it was news to me. 

On a Saturday night, some friends and I decided to visit a friend who was working at a local bar/restaurant known as Texas Roadhouse.  We sat down at the bar and she started to give us the 'dish' on her new love interest.  Only a minute in and she looks up, "speak of the devil".  In walk two men, looking awefully familiar as they sit across the bar on the other side.  After the bartender serves them their drinks, she informs us that one of those men is her latest interest.  The other-his roommate and coworker. 

The men indicate to our friend that they know me from somewhere and inquire if I am a member at the local athletic club.  "That's where I know them from!"  The light bulb finally switches on in my head.  Just as I am relieved to know why they look so familiar, one is relieved to learn that I am 'of age' with my adolescent look of 'a high school cross country runner' as he would later put it. 

My friends and I finish dinner and head out for the night.  A few drinks and few hours later and I am inquiring more information about this guy from my bartender friend.  She texts me back 'I gave him your number'.